Beach Haven was alive as young people filled up the little bungalows all over town. They woke early to head offshore for a day of fishing or surf a dawn patrol session at Holyoke. It was an electrifying time filled with new music, fresh energy and ways of thinking. They worked restaurants and fishing docks, listened to records and skateboarded Free Spirit Skate Park. They watched the sunset, ate fresh oysters and laughed under the neon glow.


LBI still has some of that carefree feel.
Bird and Betty’s is here to celebrate that – for those who remember those days, but for a new generation looking to experience it. We’ve merged the innovative dishes, freshest seafood and creatively crafted drinks that we’re known for at our other Tide Table restaurants with a unique throwback style.

We believe in late nights and early mornings.

You can sleep when you’re dead.



 From the Kitchen


From the Ship’s Log